App Insights: Correlating your telemetry

So you’re on-boarded to App Insights.

But to really get the most of it, you really need to make sure that all the telemetry you’re sending – requests, views, events, exceptions are correlated – meaning you can easily see what happened on single operation in your service.

For web applications, events in App Insights are correlated out-of-the-box using operation id. Meaning that everything in your app does on single operation can be viewed easily in one view. This is why on a lot of blades in app insights you’ll see this button:


Operation correlates all telemetry on a server request.

If you’d like to correlate everything that happens from a user session, you can also correlate using session id.

Unfortunately, this does not come ready to use for worker roles.

If you want all of your telemetry correlated on a worker role, you should implement a telemetry initializer.

An initializer will ANY TIME any piece of telemtery is ent to app insight. You can update the context of that telemetry – including the operation id.



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